A new year, a new me?


Yeah, I doubt that, too, but who knows … Here I am in the middle of the school year and I am blogging. But it’s probably only a one off. LOL. Anyways, I’m here because I just submitted a comment on the the book “Too stupid to live” by Anne Tenorino. And in the process of doing that I was forced to log in here and so I’m blogging.

Why not share my enthusiasm for some of the books I’ve read last year?! My favorite books of all time (since then) are Soldiers, Mercenaries and Veterans all by Aleksandr Voinov. Just wow! The three books are available online for free and together would be the length of 10 or so paperback books and I read them in a long weekend with VERY LITTLE sleep. Man were my eyes burning!! And through Alexksandr (whom I wrote and from whom received an answer) I found riptidepublishing and through them several other authors of gay erotica/romance novels/fiction novels that I’ve come to appreciated and look forward to. One of the is Anne Tenorino and her latest book “Too stupid to live” has only one flaw: the title. But you’ll get it once you read the book and then it makes sense. Kinda. … I still would have preferred a different title. But EVERTHING else: the character, their interaction and dialog and of course the story are just delightful. Romantic. Cute. Funny. And …. delightful!!! I read it in half a day and then I read it again right away.


About the new year, new me. The plan is to transform myself from being a teacher to being a school counselor because I cannot stand the classroom anymore. So maybe 2013 will really bring you a new me.


I’ll levae you with a picture that makes me smile: my dog is so cold since temperatures have been in the upper 30s (F) / mid single digits (C). She’s not only running around in her custom hand knit sweater but she keeps her blanket draped over herself. She looks like a noble steed.



Drought 2011

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Drought 2011, a set on Flickr.

All summer I’ve been wanting to document the effects of the drought. Here you can see some of the cracks in the ground and a foot and dogs for scale. I will try to shoot some more pics to document. It’s pretty darn terrible especially considering that we are not even the hardest hit area! Just the other day the news reported that in our area it had been over 200 days since an inch of rain had fallen and over a year since two inches had fallen. Wow! And that in a region where it’s not unusual to get 3-4 inches at a time and that repeatedly. We are all praying for rain. Personally I’m afraid it’s not every going to rain ever again.